Meteor Metals

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The New Meteorite Metallurgy

Our goal is to build a modern approach to meteorite metallurgical analyses by serving as a forum for discussion of chemical and physical properties and metallographic observation.

Why is a "new metallurgy" for meteorites needed?

  • Current theories of nickel-iron meteorite formation are based on over a century of false assumptions and circular reasoning.
  • Meteorite metallurgical terminology is encased in an 18th century time capsule, closed to all but those determined to learn its language. Learn More

The Widmanstatten Structure of nickel-iron meteorites is a primary crystallization structure logically formed under low (microgravity) conditions. The metallographic cooling rate theory, derived from this structure, is based on circular reasoning and incorrect assumptions. There can be no such thing as a "metallographic cooling rate." The thermal history of a metal cannot be calculated in reverse.

Why is a new metallurgy for meteoritics important?

  • Nickel-iron meteorite formation theory is the foundation of today's concepts of meteorite parent body formation.
  • Nickel-iron meteorites hold information that can provide insights into solidification in a low (microgravity) environment.
  • Today's metallic materials science can benefit from insights derived from durable nickel-iron meteorites.